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The Centsables for Kids

The Centsables is an online resource to help kids gain the skills they need to build a secure future. The program was conceived to help children understand the value of money and the ways it can impact their lives. This first-of-its-kind multi-media project, which features the adventures of six super-buddies, includes:

  • An interactive website with games, puzzles and exercises
  • An animated television series, currently in production
  • Newspaper In Education (NIE) feature pages in the nation’s periodicals
  • Special Banking For Kids programs at local financial institutions
  • Classroom modules that support state education standards
  • A comic book series, DVDs, collectible action figures and board games
  • Centsables lunchboxes, clothing, bedding and other licensed products

The Centsables website is designed to enhance both the financial literacy and mathematical skills of your children. Through animation and hands-on activities they’ll learn:

  • Where money comes from
  • How it’s earned, saved and spent
  • How to create a budget
  • Avoiding credit pitfalls
  • Stock market basics
  • What causes inflation and recession
  • Much more

Economic downturns, mortgage meltdowns, plummeting stock markets. In every newspaper and TV sound bite we are reminded of the dire financial challenges the world is facing—the world our children will soon be inheriting. Pine Country Bank is pleased to offer The Centsables because we know that it is critical that our sons and daughters develop sound money management habits.