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Online Banking

Online Banking allows you to access your accounts via the Internet from your home or office computer. It's free and gives you access to your accounts 24 hours a day.

eStatements with Pine Country Bank

You can access your accounts statements electronically! Again, this is free and provides immediate account history, 24 hours a day. We encourage everyone to “Go green!” and save on the paper required in mailing your statements. To enroll, simply log in to your Online Banking account. Under the Pine Country Bank logo, you will find the “Options” tab. Enter the "Options" page, and at the bottom you will find information on eStatement enrollment.


Mobiliti allows you to securely access your account information from your mobile phone through text messaging or through Mobile Web Access. It's free and gives you access to your accounts 24 hours a day.

To enroll in Mobiliti you must be enrolled in Online Banking. To enroll in Online Banking, please click here.

If you are already enrolled in Online Banking, you may sign up for Mobiliti (after you log in) through the Options tab, within Your Accounts.

During the enrollment, you will receive a text message which will activate Mobiliti.

  • Mobiliti is mobile banking that has universal reach and features three distinct delivery channels mobile access modes: SMS or Text Messaging – uses text messages to obtain account specific information (e.g., available balance, pending transactions) and return the information to the customer's mobile device. SMS can also be used to respond to text messages initiated by Pine Country Bank (e.g., authorizing a transaction). Mobile Browser or WAP – uses the browser on the customer's mobile device to perform transactions, make payments, to locate ATMs and more. Downloadable Application – uses a mobile application that is downloaded and installed on mobile devices to perform mobile banking and payment transactions: i.e., SMS or text messaging, mobile browser or WAP and downloadable application. This provides an additional avenue by which customers can interact with Pine Country Bank. With Mobiliti, customers have the opportunity to enroll existing accounts in Mobiliti, have account balances texted to them, make payments and much more all from the convenience of their mobile device.

  • Mobiliti employs industry best practices with regards to security. It has been assessed against industry security criteria by a number of independent system security experts. At a high level, Mobiliti offers the following security safeguards: Authentication - Mobile browser and application solution customers are authenticated for every interaction with any Mobiliti component. Customers are authenticated by username and password or by utilizing existing login credentials for single sign-on. Encryption - 128-bit encryption is used for all transactions within Mobiliti and between Mobiliti and other solutions (e.g., core banking and payment systems). Fraud - Mobiliti incorporates mechanisms such as transaction validation and transaction reconciliation processes to detect fraud. Availability/Resilience - Mobiliti is protected against malicious attacks through software and server hardening measures. Audit Ability - Mobiliti provides full audit capabilities through event logs and event-based reporting. Intrusion detection technologies enhance the audit ability of mobile services.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact one of our local branches.

CheckFree Consumer & Small Business Bill Pay

The first 10 transactions in one calendar month are free starting at the monthly anniversary date. Beginning at the 11th transaction, you will be charged $.50 per transaction.

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