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In The News

In The News

November Hometown Happenings!

Friday, November 1

Justin Ploof & the Throwbacks
Great River Arts 14 Fridays Performing Arts Series
6:30-10pm • More info

Friday, November 1
Michael Shynes Concert
Benefiting the Morrison County Area Foundation
7-10 pm • Little Falls Ballroom

Friday–Sunday, November 1–3
A Wellness Retreatt at Linden Hill
More info

Thursday, November 7
Craft and Vendor Show
8am-4pm • CHI St. Gabriel's Health

Thursday, November 7
Royalton HS/MS Band Concert

Friday, November 8
Royalton No School
Little Falls No School

Saturday, November 9

Franciscan Harvest Supper
4:30-7pm • More info

Monday, November 11

Tuesday, November 12
Rice American Legion Auxiliary Dinner
Pot Roast, Potatoes, Gravy, Carrots

Friday–Saturday, November 15–16
SRRHS: Legally Blonde Musical

Saturday, November 16
Customer Appreciation Open House
Participating businesses in Little Falls

Sunday, November 17
LF Football HS Banquet
Little Falls Ballroom

Friday, November 22
Buddy Holly: Not Fade Away
Great River Arts 14 Fridays Preforming Arts Series
7:30-11pm • More info

Friday–Sunday, November 22–24
SRRHS: Legally Blonde Musical
7-9pm Friday–Saturday • 2–4pm Sunday

Thursday, November 28

Friday, November 29
Santa Parade
6pm • Downtown Little Falls

Friday, November 29–Dec. 8

Joy to the World
Christmas at the Mansions Friends of Linden Hill Fundraiser
1pm-7pm Monday–Saturday • 11am–6pm Sunday • More info

Your Business Does Better with Our Community Bank

Competition in the financial institution industry grows every day, and consumers are faced with numerous choices all positioning for their business. However, community banks offer a unique set of strengths and advantages that make the choice both easy and smart.

What’s different about Pine Country Bank Here’s three great reasons to choose us as your business and commercial bank.


We’re Local, Just Like Your Business

Our bank has deep roots and a homegrown approach to service.

We’re not only your bankers, we’re your high school coaches, neighbors, fellow PTA members and we see you at the grocery store and hockey games. We live and work in the same community you do and we understand the uniqueness of our neighborhoods and towns. We share your commitment to the overall health and financial stability of our area.

We know your business and we can quickly understand your goals for future growth and sustainability. We have both the opportunity and flexibility to go beyond traditional service models to provide loan facilitation, approvals and modifications with greater speed than a larger bank. By providing connections to other local services and businesses that your company may need, we ensure your customer experience is enhanced to the degree you desire.  Pine Country Bank will go every step of the way with you because the success of your business is integral to the success of our whole community.


Your Business is Good for Our Bank

Community banks lend more than $3.5 billion to small businesses every year.

The largest 20 banks in the United States manage almost 50% of the country’s deposits, more than 50% of small business loans and 77% of agricultural loans come from community banks.

Pine Country Bank takes that responsibility and commitment very seriously. Where the larger national banks might make decisions on formulas and predetermined factors, we have flexibility in lending because we know more about each applicant, company and customer.

Working with local business and individual clients is smart for our bank as well. In 2015, less than 4% of residential property loans made by community banks like ours went into default, compared to more than 10% for large banks. Working with you makes good business sense for us!


Customer Service is our Number One

Banks large and small know this.

All banks across the country are making strides toward providing excellent and personalized customer service, along with offering the latest in technology and security that customers demand. However, your local community bank does it best, and the data shows.

Independent business owners who use community banks show a 79% satisfaction rate (compared to 67% for large banks and 49% for online lenders). Personalized, flexible service is the number one reason commercial and business clients keep banking with their local financial institution.

Choose your bank for the same reasons you choose your friends – you know us, you trust us and we’ve got your back.


Employment Opportunity: Part-time Receptionist/Teller in Royalton

Part-time Receptionist/Teller in Royalton.

Job Summary

Reflecting a positive image of Pine Country Bank to both lobby and phone customers. Greeting, welcoming, directing and announcing customers appropriately. Providing customer assistance with account inquiries, funds transfers, and a variety of requested information. Performing various clerical duties to support internal functions of the bank.

Assists department heads or officers in the fulfillment of his or her department's responsibilities. May perform administrative tasks including typing, filing, answering phones, etc. Performs a variety of tasks which may include processing and maintenance of records, data collection and special projects.


  • Answers phones and assists or directs caller to the appropriate staff, takes messages as needed
  • Greets and provide customer service to visitors/customers
  • Assists with account inquiries, general bank products, balances, funds transfers, general bank contact information and other related inquires
  • Provides secretarial and administrative / clerical support for the President/CEO and management team
  • Oversees the ordering, receiving, stocking and distribution of office supplies for all branches
  • Maintains visitor log of vendors and service personnel
  • Maintains phone system and staff directories, voicemail, after hour company greetings
  • Maintains professional appearance of lobby
  • Completes other duties as requested, including periodically serving as a relief teller during peak / overflow periods


  • Able to work well with customers and provide great customer service
  • Performs job accountabilities with a high level of accuracy and timeliness
  • Maintains knowledge and understanding of Service Standards for the department and departments that are a part of the workflow for this position
  • Develops and maintains knowledge of compliance and internal control requirements necessary to complete the job

For consideration for this position, please mail cover letter and resume to:

Pine Country Bank, PO Box 25, Royalton, MN 56373, Attention: HR

You can print the Employment application online here and send it in.Or stop in at the Royalton, Little Falls or Rice location to complete the Employment application.

August Hometown Happenings

Every Tuesday

Rice Area Farmers Market
4:30–6pm • Across from Shadys Tavern

Every Wednesday & Saturday

Little Falls Farmers Market
New 2 You parking lot • 7am–Noon

Friday, August 2
BeMobile Annual Backpack Give-A-Way
More info

Saturday, August 3

Cornhole Tournament & Meat Raffle
1–6pm • Hillman American Legion

Saturday, August 3
Scandia Valley Summer Fest
More info

Saturday, August 3

Royalton Platte River Day
Activities from 8:30am-Midnight
More info

Wednesday, August 7
Green Fair Folk Festival
4-8pm • St. Francis Center • More info

Thursday–Saturday, August 8–10

Morrison County Fair

Morrison County Fair Grounds • More info

Thursday, August 8
Big Dig Event
King's Ransom Band 5:30-10pm • 1st SE Little Falls
More info

Thursday–Friday, August 8–9
Little Falls Summer Musical:
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

6pm • Little Falls HS Auditorium • More info

Friday–Sunday, August 9–11
Upsala Heritage Festival
More info

Sunday, August 11
Randall August Fest
10am-12pm • More info

Monday, August 12
Sauk Rapids-Rice HS All-Sports Meeting
7pm-8:30pm • SRRHS

Tuesday, August 13
Rice American Legion Auxiliary Dinner
BBQ Ribs and Baked Potato • 5-7pm

Wednesday, August 14
Sprout Mobile Market
3-4:30pm • Sprout • More info

Wednesday, August 14
Cruise to the Car Show
Cushing • 5-8pm • 2 Tall Tavern

Wednesday, August 14
CHI St.Gabriel's Health at Home Dueling Piano
5:30pm-8:30pm • Starry Eyed Brewery
Tickets $40 each, include Meal and a show

Thursday–Monday, August 15–19
Good Sams Rally – Little Falls
Morrison County Fair Grounds • More info

Thursday, August 15
Big Dig Event
Harpers Chord • 5:30-10pm • 500 E Broadway St Little Falls

Friday, August 16
Ducks Unlimited & Shawn Killeaney Golf Tournament
Little Falls Country Club • Contact Dion Plant (320)630-6426 • More info

Sunday, August 18
Catholic Classic Golf Tournament
1pm-7pm • Pine Ridge Golf Club • More info

Tuesday, August 20
Chamber Sporting Clays Event 2019
3pm-7pm • LeBlanc's Rice Creek Hunting & Recreation • More info

Wednesday, August 21
Oasis Central MN Church Ladies on the Road Again
5-9pm • Little Falls Ballroom Ticket • Contact Rose, (320)632-9140

Thursday, August 22
Big Dig Event
Battle of The Bands • 5:30pm-10pm • LeBourget Park Little Falls

Friday–Saturday, August 23–24
Cushing Days
Cushing Duck Free Movie Night • More info

Saturday, August 24
Horizon Health: Run for Hospice
7:30am-12pm • Pierz • More info

Thursday, August 29
Big Dig Event
Block Party • 5:30pm-10pm • 1St SE Little Falls

Friday, August 30
Chaplaincy Fundraiser - Smoke & Tires BBQ
5-9pm • Little Falls Ballroom • More info

Eight Great Ice Cream Facts!


How much do you really know about ice cream? Here are some fun facts about our favorite chilly treat! 

I scream.. you scream.. we all scream for.. Ice Cream! Can’t go a month, a week, or even a day without ice cream? We know how you feel. Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in the world! But how much do you really know about our favorite chilly treat? Take a look at 8 facts about ice cream that you may not have heard before!

  1. 12 gallons of milk are used to produce just 1 gallon of ice cream!
  2. It takes 50 licks to finish one scoop of ice cream!
  3. The United States is the largest consumer of ice cream in the world!
  4. The first written ice cream recipe can be found in a recipe book from 1665!
  5. Ice cream production in the US began in 1851
  6. The most popular ice cream flavor is vanilla!
  7. Many Americans keep ice cream in their freezers, around 90% of us!
  8. On average, Americans eat 45.8 pints of ice cream a year!



Get the Most Value From Your Tax Refund

Three great tips to remember 

  1. Pay down your debt. Use your refund for some much needed debt relief. Pay off your credit card balance. If you have an outstanding balance on more than one credit card, try to pay off the smaller, high-interest rate balances first. That will free up more funds to put toward larger balances. Alternatively, you can apply your refund toward other debts, like a car loan or a home equity loan.
  2. Save for a rainy day. Why not give yourself an even bigger return on your tax refund by putting the money into a savings account or retirement fund? Your tax refund will continue to grow if you put it into savings or invest the money. It's always helpful to have a savings account to draw from when a major car repair bill, medical emergency or other unexpected expense comes along. That way, you don't have to borrow money and add to your debt-load.
  3. Consider your financial goals. Trying to save for a house or car down payment? Hope to contribute to your child's college tuition? Consider applying your tax refund toward these goals. If you don't yet have a set of short-term and long-term financial goals, put one together. You'll be more conscientious about how you spend your refund or any other extra money that comes your way.

Remember, you work hard for your money and you deserve to enjoy a healthy financial lifestyle. Put some thought into how you use your tax refund. Making smart financial decisions is not always easy, but it will definitely benefit you and your family over the long term. Courtesy

Financially Free in 2019


Five Resolutions to make for better finances

Retire early. Live your life on a beach. Work because you want to not because you have to. These are the dreams of many seeking to become part of the FIRE movement (financial independence retire early). But dreams can be elusive if you don’t alter your approach to improving your finances. You won’t achieve your goals if you’re not willing to make adjustments in your spending. If you want to achieve financial freedom in 2019, here are five financial independence truths you need to learn sooner rather than later.

1) Start thinking about your monthly budget not in terms of how much you are allowed to spend each month, but in how much you get to save each month. When you start thinking about building your savings account in a positive way, instead of looking at it as a punishment that curtails your spending, you begin to see the joy in saving money. Those who are most successful with earning their financial freedom are the ones who embrace the challenge of meeting their savings goals first and only then do they spend on extras. 

2) Starting to think differently is crucial if you want to be successful at building your cash reserves. When you want to gain financial freedom, it is imperative you adjust your mindset. Approach spending/saving as an opportunity to achieve your life’s greatest dreams. If you want to become financially independent, you must adjust your mental state. Learn to enjoy saving money whenever and wherever you can, and you’ll soon start to look for opportunities to reduce your expenditures in unexpected places.

3) If you want financial freedom in 2019, it is essential you devise a strategic game plan to achieve your dreams. Analyze how much you need to save each month and how much you want in your bank account by the end of the year. Even if it means picking up a side-hustle to earn more cash, gaining your financial independence needs to be your top priority this year. 

4) Start thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur if you want to add fuel to your financial independence fire. Stop thinking of yourself in terms of ‘I work for the man’ and instead think of yourself in terms of “I am a solo-entrepreneur building my own future.” You’ll be amazed at how much harder you’re willing to work to achieve your dreams when the income you’re generating is going toward building your own bank account.

5) Stop living your life to impress your friends and family. Think about what is truly important to you and which luxuries are truly necessary for you to be happy. It’s too easy to buy luxurious toys, trinkets, and vehicles just to impress others, when you would likely be much happier if you could retire early and sun yourself on a beach with a full bank account.

Remember these five financial independence truths if you want financial freedom in 2019. By adjusting your mindset and setting clear monetary goals, your dreams of income independence can come true. How hard are you willing to work this year to become fiscally free before 2020 rolls around?

Beware Tax Refund Scams

The tax filing deadline is right around the corner, and that means only one thing — the scam artists are lining up to steal refunds, grab personal information and make the lives of ordinary taxpayers even more difficult. Whether you have already filed your taxes or are still sorting through the paperwork, it is important to be on the lookout for IRS scams.
These IRS scams take many different forms. Some scam artists rush to file bogus refunds using real taxpayer information, grabbing the money and leaving the real taxpayer high and dry when they try to file their returns. Others call unsuspecting taxpayers and try to extort money under threat of arrest.
No matter what form these scams take, it is important to protect yourself and keep your money safe. Filing as early as possible is one ways to avoid being a victim, especially if you believe your Social Security number or other personal information has been compromised.
Filing early, before the bad guys have a chance to, gives you a level of protection, but what do you do if you receive a suspicious email or phone call from the IRS? These scams are growing in sophistication, and the latest iterations even spoof the real IRS phone number. You can no longer rely on your caller ID to tell you what is really going on.
What you should know is that the IRS never initiates collections activity over the phone or via email. If you do owe money to the tax agency, they will let you know with a good old-fashioned letter. If you receive a phone call or email from the IRS threatening arrest or prosecution, you can safely assume it is a scam.
If you do receive a phone call purporting to be from the IRS, the tax agency wants to know about it. You should contact the IRS at their actual phone number, and never return the call you received from the scam artists. The IRS continues to battle these scam artists, and the more information you can provide, the easier their job will be.
Above all, do not fall from the extortion tactics these IRS scammers use. The only reason these types of scams continue to rise is that people keep taking the bait.
It is easy to see why people fall for these kinds of scams. Being contacted by the IRS is the worst nightmare of many taxpayers, and it is tempting to just pay the money and move on. Just know that the real IRS does not operate in this manner, so report the scam and keep your money in your pocket.

Ways you're wasting money every day


Where does your money go? While you are aware of your spending when you make a big purchase, you are probably losing money in smaller ways that you don't even see. If money seems to be leaking out of your life, here are some mistakes you may be making.

1. You buy too much coffee. 
Stopping for a cup of coffee seems like a small expense, but that money adds up quickly. You can save yourself a lot by simply making your coffee at home.
Do you really need to buy coffee at all? Many work places, business offices and even retail stores offer coffee for free? If you frequent places with free coffee, take advantage of that.

2. You throw out good food. 

If you often find yourself throwing out food, you need to take a look at where you're going wrong. You are obviously overestimating how much your family will consume. 
You may also be taking the expiration dates on food too seriously. Those dates are simply a suggestion. Food does not suddenly become inedible because the date on the container has passed. Many foods are still good long after the expiration date.
As long as your food doesn't smell weird or look wrong, it's more than likely just fine to eat. If fruits or veggies have rotten spots, just cut them away and eat the good parts.

3. You don't wait for sales. 
Make a habit of creating a meal plan based on what is on sale at your grocery store. Avoid paying full price for anything. Most products go on sale eventually. Be willing to try a different brand if it is on sale.
When shopping for clothing or electronics, it's always a good idea to wait for a sale. It will not only save you money, but it gives you time to consider whether you really want to purchase the item or were just caught up in shopping.

4. You buy because of sales. 
Use sales to buy what you would normally buy anyway but resist the urge to buy something extra just because you find it at a good price. This is how many people end up with wasted food or a closet with more clothes than they can wear.
No matter how good the sale it, you are still spending money. Only buy what you need.

5. You're not paying attention to your thermostat. 

Heating and cooling your home costs a lot of money, especially here in Minnesota, when it seems like it's either extremely cold or extremely hot. You can save by adjusting the temperature just a few degrees. 
Also consider adjusting the thermostat during times when you aren't at home. If no one is at your house during the day, there's no reason to pay for more heating and cooling than you need. Most thermostats allow you to program them in advance. Modern wifi-enabled thermostats make programming very easy — even when you're not home. They can pay form themselves in the long run.

6. You eat out. 
It's fun to go out to eat, and it's convenient to buy food that is already prepared, but it costs you a lot more money than it would to prepare your own food at home.
Cut back on eating out as much as you can, and the savings will add up quickly. Even if you think you can't cook, find someone to show you how to prepare simple meals. You'll find that it's much easier than you realize.
7. You buy convenience snacks. 
Picking up snacks at the gas station or in the checkout line is a bad habit that is costing you money. If you need snacks on the go, keep some in your car. No matter what you're snacking on from the gas station, you can buy the same thing for a lot less at the grocery store and carry it with you.

8. You buy drinks. 
Look at your next grocery store receipt and you will probably see that you spent a large percentage of your money on drinks. If you can bring yourself to give up the soda, juice, bottled water and energy drinks you will find that you save a lot of money. Replace these drinks with tap water, and you'll be healthier as well.

9. You buy cigarettes or alcohol. 
Seriously consider putting an end to smoking and drinking, and it will save you big bucks. These items cost a lot of money, and in many cases, you will find yourself consistently buying more and more. Even a small change, like not drinking wine in the evening, can make a big difference.
If you need to cut back on your spending, consider these ways you may be wasting money. While giving up certain expenses may seem like a sacrifice at first, you will probably find over time that you didn't really need those items as much as you thought you did.

Get to know loan officer Doug Dahlberg

Get to know us

Meet Doug Dahlberg, a loan officer at our Little Falls branch!

Hometown: Columbia Heights

College: St. Cloud State University

Current city: Little Falls

How did you get into banking? When I was first going into college, two of my career goals were to own my own a sporting goods store and/or to get into the financial field. I got close to sporting goods and was either an owner/partner in a variety of businesses that were very similar. After 20 years, an opportunity arose with Pine Country Bank and I couldn’t pass it up. I consider myself lucky to have fulfilled both of my career goals!

What do you do for Pine Country Bank? My main duties are as a commercial and consumer lender. I also serve as the physical security officer for all branches of the bank.

What’s your favorite part of the job? Interacting with all of our bank customers whether they are a loan customer or someone just walking in to do their personal banking with the tellers. I also enjoy my coworkers so much. They’re an amazing group of people with great personalities and an incredible wealth of knowledge.

What’s special about Pine Country Bank? The commitment and involvement to the communities that we serve. The feedback I receive when people find out I work for Pine Country Bank is always a statement such as, “They do so much for the community.”

Favorite local restaurant: I really like spicy Thai food, and there aren’t really options for that locally. So at the risk of calling St. Cloud local, I would have to say Sawatdee.

What do you love about this community: Growing up in the cities, I never dreamed I would live in a small town. I love that I see many of the same people at the grocery store, at church or at a ball game or musical. I love the “community” feel of Little Falls and the sense of belonging that I find here.

Hobbies/free-time: I have four children, so most of my free time is spent watching, coaching or driving to their events.

What are you watching on TV/Netflix: "This is Us" and "The Blacklist."

This is Pine Country / Meet Chad Van Beck

Get to know us!

Meet Chad Van Beck, a senior business lender at our Rice branch, who came on board in 2017.

Hometown: Greenwald

Current town: Grey Eagle, Big Birch Lake

What do you do for Pine Country Bank? I help customers with their commercial and agricultural lending needs.

What's your favorite part of the job? Working with customers and being a part of their success. After working at a previous financial institution for 24 years, I made the move to PCB last April and I love my job.

What's special about Pine Country Bank? The hometown, friendly atmosphere. We truly want to meet people’s needs and help them achieve their financial goals.

Community involvement: Stearns County Dairy Advisory Committee, Millwood Township Board, St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church

Do you have a favorite sports team? The Minnesota Vikings, even though we were let down again this year.

What do you do with your free time? I like to hunt, attend sporting events and spend time on the lake in the summer with my wife and kids.

What’s your favorite local restaurant: La Casita, St. Cloud

What show are you watching on TV/Netflix now: Friends

Student Banking Powered by Pine Country Bank

Students! Open an account today and get a free power bank!

*Subject to successful qualification and opening of account, see a banker for details. Off er available to students aged 16-24, new checking account customers only.

Not valid with any other promotion or offer. Normal account restrictions and fees apply. Limit one promotion per customer. Available while supplies last.

Scams Can Happen - Learn to Spot Them

5 Simple Ways to Spot an Email Scam

1. The domain does not match up - Check who the email is from - the email domain (which is in bold below) is a dead giveaway if it is a scam, for example if you were to receive an email from Pine Country Bank it would be from an email like;

2. Your full name is not used - When you open an email if it begins with "Dear user, Dear customer, etc." you should be a little suspicious. Most legitimate emails will be personally addressed to you using your full name.

3. A request for personal information to be sent via email - If a legitimate business needs you to update any kind of personal information this is almost always done on the business's website. A potential scam is if the email you receive asks you to respond to the email with any kind of personal information.

4. Poor grammar and spelling - This is one of the easiest to spot, if you open an email and it is very poorly written (spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, etc.) this is a a strong indicator that it is not from a legitimate source.

5. Requires immediate action - If you receive an email urging you to take immediate action, be wary. Call the business at their direct business line to confirm if the email was a scam or not.

There are a number of other ways you can protect yourself from email scams, but these are a few that will help you spot a scam much quicker!

Making our Communities a Better Place - One Donation at a Time

A Donation to our Friends at Employment Enterprises Inc.


5 Simple Tips to Save Money While in College

5 Simple Tips to Save Money While in College

1. Set up automatic transfers - Meaning, every pay day set up for "x" amount of dollars to be transferred into your savings account

2. Budget your money by using a tool like this easy to use Student Budget Calculator

3. Choose the right credit card and use it responsibly - We can help you find the right credit card, just stop in to chat with us!

4. Be mindful about taking out students loans - Meaning, take the time and choose the right loan

5. Understand wants versus needs - Ask yourself important questions before spending money, such as, "Do I really need to go out to eat every night?"


Donation to St. Francis Music Center

Giving Back to our Local Communities

We are always looking for ways to help our local communities and recently we had the pleasure of making a donation to our local St. Francis Music Center!


Giving Back to Our Communities

Giving Back to Our Communities - Donation to the boys & Girls Clubs of America